The History of the Mirimar

If you would like to learn the history of the Mirimar, you are on the right page!

The MV Mirimar was launched in 1934 and retired after 75 years of service to Queenslanders. It was replaced with the MV Mirimar II.

MV Mirimar — a part of Queensland’s history

The Mirimar launched on the 13th June 1934 and was built in Brisbane by Norman Wright & Sons.

Proudly made from Queensland timber, she was Brisbane’s largest launch with a length of 96 feet, a beam of 18 feet 6 inches and a draft of 5 feet 6 inches. She is currently fitted with Gardner228HP diesel engines making her capacity of speed up to 13 knots for a cruising range of 2,000 miles.

The Mirimar didn’t get off to a good start! On her maiden voyage, and first official outing, the newspapers couldn’t even spell her name correctly. However, by the 31st July 1934 she was making regular trips to Amity Point on Stradbroke Island and earning a reputation as a happy boat.

Because fishing was the sport of the day the Mirimar Amateur Fishing Club was formed in 1936. Members and other keen fisherman regularily filled the boat on their fortnightly fishing trips to Jumpinpin, the Southport Broadwater and North Stradbroke Island. In 1986 a half century badge was specially minted to mark the 50th anniversary of the Club.

One of the happiest and most memorable ‘Mirimar’ stories is about Ken and Claire Bateman. During the 1930’s Ken worked in the Mirimar gally while Claire worked in the gally of another famous river boat the ‘Koopa’. For two years they would wave tea towls to each other through the portholes as the vessels passed. Then one day they met, eventually married, and had many happy years together.

Here’s a very fitting story. The last wishes of devoted long time crew member captain Alec Swenson, was that when he died he wanted his ashes to be cast over the waterof Moreton Bay. On the day the family were fulfilling his last wishes, the Mirimar’ was making a trip out into the bay, by coincidence half-way through the ceremony the Mirimar sailed passed and they cast his ashes through the wake of the boat he loved so much.

There were some infamous times as well. Captain Watts was fined 20 pounds in 1935 for overloading the Mirimar on a trip to Amity Point. There were 400 passengers on board, almost twice the allowable number. He pleaded guilty, saying he thought many of the people on board were just saying goodbye to other passengers.

After many successful years in the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay as a showboat and during wartime as a supply vessel with the Australian Army the Mirimar was taken to North Queensland for 17 years where she was used for inter-island cruises.

When the Mirimar returned to Brisbane in 1986 she was completely restored. During her years of operation she has had many alterations, but thanks to a lot of love and hard work she stayed sailing the Brisbane River until 2009 when she was retired after 75 years of service and replaced by Mirimar II.

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Story

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the oldest and largest Koala sanctuary in the world. Founded in 1927 it has grown into a unique wildlife experience with over 50 types of Australian native marsupials, birds, mammals and reptiles.

In 1997 Lone Pine celebrated its 70th anniversary as Brisbane’s best tourist attraction.

Lone Pine Koala Santuary was recently voted one of the ‘Top 10 Zoos in the World’ by AOL, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, Australia, is the world’s first and largest koala sanctuary, with over 130 koalas. Cuddle a koala anytime, handfeed kangaroos and encounter a large variety of Aussie wildlife, all in beautiful, natural settings.  Brisbane’s premier tourist attraction is only 50 minutes from the Gold Coast.

Thier motto is: “The earth is not only for humans”