Celebrate your special day in style

Celebrate the most important day of your lives in one of Brisbanes best location — aboard the Mirimar while sailing down the Brisbane River!

Take a look at the packages we offer for weddings aboard the Mirimar.

Wedding finger food selection

Please select 12 items from the list below:

Meat and Chicken
Antipasto Platter — a selection of bite-size items including meat, dips, pate, vegetables, sundried tomatos, olives biscuits and more. Strips of cajun flavoured crumbed chicken — served with tomato salsa
Ham and cheese mini quiches Beef satay — served with peanut sauce
Chicken satay — served with peanut sauce Pizza pin wheels
Cocktail sandwiches — variety of fillings Chicken and asparagus rolls
Sausage rolls Mini meat pies
Spicy meat balls — served with sweet chilli sauce
Thai seafood balls — served with sweet chilli sauce Tampura battered fish pieces — served with tartare sauce
Smoked salmon and spinach crepes — served with sour cream Fresh prawns — served with seafood sauce
Crumbed prawn cutlets — served with tartare sauce Fish cakes
Potato skins — cheese, onion and cream cheese (can add bacon) Samosa — served with sweet soy sauce
Spring rolls — served with sweet soy sauce Mini quiches
Feta toasts Zucchinni and vegetable slice
Pesto palmiers (puff pastry)
Chocolate and pistachio tarts Mini citris tarts
Shortbread biscuits Macadamia and caramel tarts
Chocolate eclairs Custard filled profiteroles